Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is is a an all round Agricultural solutions provider with services expertise in Agricultural investments, Education, Recycling, Logistics, Manufacturing & Exports

How do I Sponsor A Farm

Create an account an visit the farmshop to sponsor as many units of your chosen farm as available for sponsorship

What Is The ROI ?

ROI differs according to the type of farms. Sponsors can earn up to 35%. Visit the farmshop  to see all farms

Are Your Farms Insured ?

Your sponsorship caters farm insurance with Leadway Assurance PLC against losses resulting from theft, death, floods etc

Can I Cancel My Sponsorship Before Due Date?

No, you cant! Our packages are carefully crafted to ensure that your sponsorship cater for farms operations within a specific period. A contract is signed when you sponsor which you must see through.

Can I apply As A Farmer ?

Yes, you can. Send us a message via with the subject “FARMER APPLICATION”