About Letsfarm.co

We are a group of farmers who are committed to providing food security, job opportunities and investment opportunities in Nigeria.

According to Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, two-thirds of the Nigerian labour force works in agriculture (http://www.fao.org/nigeria/fao-in-nigeria/nigeria-at-a-glance/en/). You would think that for a country with such numbers, food security would be high and easily achievable. 

However, the reverse is the case and the reason is because of the old practices that are still being used in the farming sector today.

This was what prompted us to set up a community where farmers can come together and leverage on one another’s knowledge and expertise to improve on their farming operations.

After running this community in a small cluster for 4 years and experiencing tremendous growth, we thought it would be best to open up the cluster to a larger community. This will mean leveraging on bigger advantages and getting more returns for everyone involved.

So, investing in Letsfarm.co is investing in food security, providing job opportunities, empowering a young person and getting good returns on your investment.

Here’s where we stand out:

  • We are first farmers before any other thing.
  • We train students and farmers on hands-on current farming trends.
  • We have a better ROI.
  • We have empowered 38 farmers and counting.

Why Choose Us

Empowering Farmers

Funding Small Scale Farmers all over Nigeria

Up To 35% Returns

Reasonable returns in the shortest possible time

Enhancing Food Security

Ensuring that food is consistently produced


Creating Employment opportunities for all