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Letsfarm recycling aims at converting seeming farm waste to biogas, feed for livestock and raw materials for manufacturing industries


Letsfarm Edu is an online agricultural research database for students of Agriculture, potential farmers and enthusiasts via video courses and offline workshops


Leatseat is letsfarm's restaurant franchise where priority is placed on serving healthy and affordable meals


Full fledged dedicated logistics arm dedicated to moving farm produce from the farms to the market all over Nigeria


100% of Letsfarm's produce go into processing. This ensures that we have market for whatever the farmers produce even before harvest.


Most frequent questions and answers

Letsfarm is an advocacy; “Let us Farm”. We aim to achieve this by providing a platform where anyone can participate in Agriculture productively by creating an ecosystem that covers all areas of the Agricultural value chain

Large Scale Mechanized Farming, Greenhouse Farming, Logistics, Grocery Shopping, Recycling, Food Processing and Agricultural Education

All our farm activities are catered for by insurance with Leadway Assurance PLC against losses resulting from theft, death, floods etc

Yes, we have Letsfarm Garri, Letsfarm Dried Fish, Letsfarm Palm Oil. Coming soon are Letsfarm Rice, Letsfarm Beans and Letsfarm Yam flour

Yes, you can. Send us a message via info@letsfarm.co with the subject “FARMER APPLICATION”

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